Lewiston Clarkston

The Lewiston-Clarkston metro region is casually known as the Lewiston-Clarkston valley (LC Valley or Lewis-Clark Valley). The LC valley is formally known as Lewiston, Idaho-Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area and is a metro area that includes Idaho and Asotin County, Washington. Lewiston, Idaho, and Clarkston, Washington, are the two largest cities in the metro area. The cities of Lewiston and Clarkston have their names after adventurers Lewis and Clark.

Clarkston is the nearest municipality to Lewiston. The Snake River forms the sole physical barrier dividing these two cities. At about 700 feet above sea level, Lewiston serves as the lowest location in Idaho and the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers. Due to these rivers, you'll experience a warm climate suitable for outdoor activities throughout the year. The Port of Lewiston, the farthest interior western harbor, is where river freight starts its voyage to the Pacific Ocean.

Lewiston offers a wide range of attractions and hotel and cuisine alternatives for the evening. Lewiston's strategic position makes it a great starting point for regional exploration. Its charming, shrubby city center has many unique stores, old-fashioned structures, and the close Lewis-Clark campus. The Lewis-Clark campus is a state college site of many exhibitions. Visit one of the many local parks or take a stroll or bike ride down the Snake River. Agriculture and forest resources are Lewiston's two significant factories. Both a factory that produces ammunition and a plant that produces reloading hobbyists' equipment are present.

Also, there are ample cosmetic dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, general dentists, pediatric dentists, endodontists, and periodontists with Clarkston dentistry services. When people in Lewiston-Clarkston need dental treatment, they look for cost-effective dentists, convenient dental clinics, care assistants, clean dental clinics, dentist evaluations, emergency dentists, household dentists, dental check-ups, a local dentist nearby, and tooth extraction services, like people in other locations.

Our Lewiston dentist offers services to patients outside the state. To determine if your dental subscription provides an out-of-state feature, consult your proof of coverage. Our Lewiston dentist is committed to promoting education and consciousness by supporting regional dental institutions, neighborhood dental programs, and charitable groups. At your Lewiston Clarkston dentist, we are concerned about the dental and overall health of cities within our reach. You can maximize your dental subscription with round-the-clock access to information from a customer team committed to responding to your inquiries. You can find out the acceptable payment methods, discover the rating of Lewiston dental services, and the opening days of the dental offices.

Lewiston is home to dental offices with five-star ratings that allow credit card payment and insurance plans. The services are typically available Monday through Friday, and the staff wears masks. Clarkston homes award winning dental innovations like the 2019 American Dental Association winner of the remodeling category.

Our dentist in Lewiston provides a range of dental procedures, such as dental implants, fillings and repair, dental varnish coating, cavity therapy, crown restoration, dental surgery, dental veneers, teeth whitening services, and dental cleanings. Also, many Lewiston dental practices offer instant registrations, online appointments as well as quote requests., 

Dental Services for New Patients

Our goal is for our customers to experience a sense of belonging. We make you feel at home by intimating you with our dentist from your first appointment. We collect crucial background data about you, including your health history and dental requirements.

Patients visiting for the first time will need to:

  • Explore our dental clinic.
  • Enable us to examine your health records.
  • Undergo radiography.
  • Get a free mouth cancer diagnosis and a thorough oral examination.
  • Periodontal documentation.
  • Examine preventive care.

It would be best to gather a collection of inquiries and worries to bring to the dentist. Moreover, remember to provide your insurance document and prioritize visiting a quality dentist near you. Before your initial consultation, make preparations by completing the electronic paperwork for first-time patients. We provide numerous experts and longer hours of service to assist you in achieving the greatest possible dentition. In addition, operations have arrangements that'll bring comfort in the initial and subsequent consultations.


We are aware that patients differ, just like their dental needs. As a result, we collaborate with our clients based on their financial strengths and offer dental services uniquely suited for each patient.

New Dental Technologies

Dentists in Clarkston currently utilize a variety of advanced dental technologies. Three of these innovations are:


The panorex is a fantastic set of imaging equipment since it can spot various conditions and features that a standard x-ray would omit. The dentist will check for any issues and verify that operations are as expected with the panorex. Amidst other features, the panorex also sees several systemic flaws, such as infestations or misalignment.

Endodontics (root canal)

Endodontics is the removal of a tooth's pulp or tissues. Root canal infections frequently result from tooth infections that result in pain. Rotary endodontics is a technique for root canals using a high-voltage workpiece. The rotary endodontics technology speeds up root canal procedures and reduces the complexity of the process.

The intraoral cam

This fantastic testing instrument enables us to observe the mouth from viewpoints different from those we previously saw. The camera allows us to closely examine the whole mouth from a monitor to investigate any possible concerns or difficulties. Also, patients can directly observe the images that the dentist is watching. The intraoral digital graphics are great for convincing health insurers to approve an operation.


Our dentist in Clarkston offers top-notch, complete dental treatment to families and individuals who reside in Clarkston and the nearby metropolitan region. Our skilled and experienced team has advanced technological support and is happy to offer our patients the finest dental care imaginable.

Because we treat every client with care, we're sure you'll be comfortable in our dental clinic. For more information about our dentists, our dental services, and our plans for assisting you and your household to attain a healthy smile, we invite you to browse our website. Contact us today to become a patient as we're accepting new patients!