Improving Smiles Dental Implants

Tooth loss is surprisingly common, whether through an accident, advanced age, or illness. Yet, millions of people each year experience the pain and embarrassment of losing teeth without proper treatment. Losing teeth may hurt self-esteem, make it harder to eat and chew, and even lead to more problems. Implant dentistry, which uses artificial teeth to fill in where real natural teeth formerly stood, is a simple solution to this issue.

In a Clarkston dentist implant procedure, a screw is put into the jawbone to act as a permanent anchor for the crown. Learning to eat and chew again after losing a tooth or teeth may be a challenging experience. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, millions of individuals experience tooth loss yearly due to natural aging, medical conditions, or severe mouth injuries. The entire face and muscles may droop without the support of teeth, giving you an older appearance. Confidence is severely damaged, and the individual may become embarrassed to grin.

Dental implants by dentists in Clarkston, which consist of prosthetic teeth that are screwed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth, are one of the most popular and successful solutions to this problem. This simple procedure may boost your self-esteem by restoring your smile and enhancing your ability to eat and talk usually. Implant dentistry is a young field since dental implants weren't developed until the 1960s. However, dental implants have made tremendous strides and have a near-perfect success rate. For this reason, millions of people are considering dental implants as a solution to restoring their smile after tooth loss.

The Process at Clarkston Dentistry

You must first schedule a visit with the doctor to get the implants placed. The dentist will check for preexisting problems that might rule out the implant surgery. Minor oral surgery is required for implant placement. Therefore, even those with diabetes or innate immunity diseases may be considered for treatment. Smokers and heavy drinkers may need to abstain from these substances before implant surgery.

The dentist will also examine the patient's craniofacial tissue to see whether good bone growth is enough to tolerate implants. However, this does not mean someone lacking the necessary bone tissue is automatically disqualified. Dentists may perform bone grafting procedures to strengthen the jawbone tissues of a patient. However, there is a three-month waiting period between bone grafting and implant surgery to ensure proper healing.

How Can Implants Enhance Your Smile?

Nearly 180 million Americans are toothless, according to additional research. The loss of your tooth might have resulted from an accident or an illness that caused it to deteriorate and fall out. In any case, the loss of teeth may cause serious health problems, including the breakdown of jawbone tissue. Here's how your Lewiston dentist may enhance your smile's health and beauty.

Boosts Self-Assurance

When teeth are missing, eating and talking clearly may be hard and affect one's confidence. Some recent surveys indicate that many Americans have low self-esteem about their teeth. For example, about half of people always grin with their lips closed, while many hide their smiles and laughs behind their hands. Cosmetic dentistry assures you to show off your best smile and laugh uninhibitedly.

Fill the Gaps Left by Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the initial step in replacing lost teeth. The goal of getting dental implants is to restore your smile's natural look by replacing any teeth that may be missing. When taken care of correctly, an implant may last a person's life.

Improve the Fit of Your Dentures

Either loose or too ill-fitting dentures may also cause loss of jawbone structure. Dentures that don't fit properly cause discomfort and worsen many signs of jawbone degradation. They may wear down the jawbone's bony ridge if they shift out of position and brush on it. Dentures that slip, slide, or wobble may be stabilized by placing dental implants.

Maintain the Health of Adjoining Teeth

A dental implant won't need aid from the teeth next to it, but it may strengthen them. The teeth on each side of the area may begin to move into it. This may alter the look and function of your bite by pulling molars out of their regular place. It may also make chewing more of a chore. Long-term misalignment of the jaw's temporomandibular joints (TMJ) may cause crippling discomfort. Pain and headaches are possible side effects of this illness.

Prevent Gum Disease

It's important to close any spaces between your teeth and gums that might harbor food, germs, or other debris. This may progress to periodontitis. A dental implant may be used to bridge this gap and prevent any potential bacterial growth.

Protects Against Jawbone Atrophy

The jawbone begins to atrophy (break down) in that area without a tooth. You'll have problems since your jaw and tooth are meant to operate together. So, when one component wears down, it might have a domino effect. Facial sagging may occur if jawbone degeneration is not addressed.

The bottom part of your mouth will start to pull in, causing your chin to move closer to your nose. This may alter the structure of your face, making your lips seem narrower and your chin looks more pointed, which can make you look older. When you have an implant, you're replacing the tooth and the root—this aids in re-establishing your normal chewing process, providing the stimulus required for bone formation.

Simple to Take Care of

An implanted tooth or teeth should look, feel, and function like natural teeth after tooth extractions. This implies that you ought to be able to use them for eating and cleaning the remainder of your teeth twice a day and floss once daily. With your tooth's chewing ability restored, you may go through your day without worrying about how you look or how well your teeth work.


Dental implants are an excellent option for those missing teeth since they restore self-esteem, bring back a healthy grin, and fortify the jaw. It is, nonetheless, essential to grasp their operation before proceeding. Our Dentists in Clarkston love to talk with you if you consider getting dental work done to fix your smile. Drop by our dental clinic for a thorough examination, treatment plan, tooth extractions, and answers to any questions you may have. Or schedule an appointment online to move forward together. We can’t wait to hear from you!